Campaign Info

Haunted Highlands is a campaign designed to be played in the Castles and Crusades game published by Troll Lord Games. Originally intended to be run in one of the published adventure paths published for the C&C game, the setting for this campaign is now just simply based in the fantasy world of Aihrde.

This sandbox campaign will use mythology and settings from the published Aihrde material, as well as material crafted and suited for the adventuring party. While play will follow the C&C rules as published, a few modifications will be used such as:

  • Mana system instead of memorized spells
  • Background traits which can provide background story and optional benefits
  • A guild society which can confer quests and errands
  • Secondary skills, used mainly as profession and further character background

Castles and Crusades RPG

Much of C&C plays much like 1E so you should probably be OK with that reference material. I’ve been slowly building up the wiki here, and have created a wiki for the world setting of Aihrde on wikia. Eventually, we should have a decent, free, shared resource for the setting background (something other C&C campaigns can use as well).

A few deviations from 1E you should probably be aware of:

- AC is ascending. This isn’t hard to calculate, it’s just a bit different if your’e an old hand at 1E.
- C&C relies a lot on a simple skill check mechanism. You identify a few “prime” stats (1 based on class selection, 1 for free and 1 more for free if you choose human race). These stats confer a bonus to skill checks made with that role. There are no specific skills to identify and train in (although we’re using optional secondary skills as background professions in this campaign). For example, this allows a fighter to pick locks, although he won’t get nearly as much bonus as a rogue who is trained in the feat (and has dexterity as prime due to class). This allows for a lot of flexibility in skill checks without creating a complex skill system. This is considered one of the strengths of C&C (and a differentiator from other D&D versions).
- C&C has a few different classes from 1E
- Initiative is handled slightly differently, although this is minor

Reference Material

There is a quick start guide available for free, which should serve as a decent intro, but as I said, 1E materials (such as OSRIC) should cover 80% of what we’re doing.


Grab a look at the wiki, drop the Castle Keeper a note, and join in.

The Haunted Highlands

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