Cerumar Awemedinade

A lithe elven warrior of measured expression and disciplined demeanor


Cerumar Awemedinade
Elven Ranger (1/2 Illusionist)
Chaotic Neutral (but not a jerk, geez… ;)
Level 1(0)
XP 953

Str 16 (2) Primary
Dex 13 (
Con 16 (2)
Int 13 (
1) Primary
Wis 11 (0)
Cha 9 (0)

Racial Abilities:
Enhanced Senses
Twilight Vision
+10 vs charm and sleep spells
Spot Hidden Doors (Wis +0)
Weapon Training: Longsword

Class Abilities (including level modifier – encumbrance):
Combat Marauder: +1 damage against humanoids and giants
Conceal (Dex +1)
Delay/Neutralize Poison (Wis +1)
Move Silently (Dex +3)
Scale (Dex +1)
Traps (Wis +1 to set, +3 to find. Wilderness environment)
Survival (Wis +1)
Track (Wis +1)

Scale Mail, Casquetal, and Medium Wooden Shield
AC 15 +1 for shield (AC 14 head)
HP 10 (d8 hit die)
Speed 22.5 ft. (lightly encumbered)

Melee attack (Expertly Crafted Longsword) 3, dmg 1d83 (10x cost)
Melee attack (Dirk) 2, dmg 1d43
Ranged attack (Short Bow) +2 60 ft. range, dmg 1d6

Age 230
150lb 5’8"
Blond hair
Slight Build
Blue Eyes
Pale skin


Quiver w/ 20 arrows

Trousers, Tunic, Cloak, Belt, Baldric, & Boots
Belt Pouch
Spell Component Pouch

Light Warhorse:
Saddle, Bit & Bridle, Saddle Blanket, & Saddle Bags:
Tent, Small
Hooded Lantern
Armor and Weapon Oil
Illusionist’s Spellbook
Decent change of Tunic and Trousers
Robe (initiate’s)

62 gp 12 sp


Cerumar is a member of the Order of the Flaming Tree, a group of warriors dedicated to protecting an elven glade and temple several days west of here. He has just completed his training and has become an initiate. As is tradition in the Order, he has been sent out of the glade to quest. The primary object of the quest is for the initiate to find himself or die trying, but every successful initiate has accomplished something benefiting the order, or recovered a useful artifact.

He wears a white lacquered helmet with nose and cheek guards and a red horsehair plume. He has earned the right to wear the red tunic and green cloak of the order, but his initiate’s shield is white with a simple stylized tree design. When he completes his quest, he will earn the right to wear red lacquered armor and the Order’s shield depicting a tree surrounded by salamanders on a deep red background.

The last gift he received from the Order is his sword, a fine weapon, crafted by the Order’s smiths to fit his hand and balance. As he departed, an oracle was consulted, and he was told to ride east, and that he would find what he needed.

Cerumar Awemedinade

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