Elswyth Ahreddan

Half-Elf Bard


Half-Elf Bard
Chaotic-ish Good-ish
Level 1
Str 14 (1)
Dex 16 (
Con 14 (1)
Int 15 (
Wis 18 (3) prim
Cha 17 (
2+3) prim
Beauty 14 (+1)

+1 spot hidden doors
+4 vs charm and sleep spells
+2 listening
+2 find traps
+2 move silent

Leather Armor
AC 15
HP 10 (+1)
speed 30 feet

Melee attack bonus (dagger) +1, dmg 1d4
Ranged attack bonus (composite longbow) +2 110 ft. range, dmg 1d8

age 26
200 lbs
auburn hair
medium size
green eyes
ivory skin
right handed

3 others, undetermined as of yet

tin whistle
sealing wax
sewing kit

DECIPHER SCRIPT (Intelligence): Bards often need to decipher and
interpret legends and secret writings to acquire more knowledge. This ability
allows the bard to decipher writing in an unfamiliar language, a message written
in an incomplete or archaic form or a message written in code. If the check
succeeds, the character understands the general content of a piece of writing. It
takes ten turns to decipher each page of a script. A decipher script check may be
made only once per writing. A bard may use this ability to decipher and then
use an arcane scroll, as a wizard or illusionist would, if a successful check is
made at a penalty of -10. This ability may not be used to decipher divine scrolls.

EXALT (Charisma): This is the bard’s ability to inspire companions and
listeners, allowing them to surpass their normal level of performance. Some
bards invoke this ability through song and music, while others do so through
oration, battle cries or sheer acting and demeanor. With a successful attribute
check, a bard can help allies succeed at a task. The ally gets a +2 bonus on any
action requiring an attribute check, including class ability checks, saving throws
and standard attribute checks. This ability does not affect attack rolls. The allies
must be able to see and hear the bard, and must be within 60 feet. The Game
Master may rule that certain uses of this ability are infeasible. The bard can use
this ability once per day per level, and can maintain the effect for a number of
rounds equal to the bard’s level. As the bard rises in levels, the bonus imparted
increases as well. It rises to +3 at 6th level, +4 at 12th level and +5 at 18th level.

LEGEND LORE (Charisma): Bards are lore masters of myth and archaic
knowledge. With a successful attribute check, a bard gains or remembers some
relevant information about local notables, a legendary item, a noteworthy place
or any other relevant bit of information. Gaining the information may entail
speaking to local inhabitants and/ or doing research. The information might
prove useful in diplomacy, entertaining, or otherwise influencing others. The
ability also might impart a full or partial understanding of local or secret
languages, including rogue’s cant, the secret druidic language or ranger signs.
The check will not reveal the powers of a magic item, but may give a hint to its
history, general function or activation. The Game Master gauges the challenge
level of the check based on whether the knowledge is: 1. Common known by at
least a substantial minority of the local population; 2. Uncommon but available,
known by only a few people in the area; 3. Obscure, known by few, and hard to
come by; 4. Extremely Obscure, known by very few scholars and sages,
possibly forgotten by most who once knew it, or possibly known only by those
who don’t understand the significance of the knowledge.

EMPATHY: A half-elf’s uncanny ability to empathize with others is reflected
in a +2 bonus to all charisma checks. This ability can be combined with
attribute check modification.

MOVE SILENTLY (Dexterity): This ability allows silent movement in
wilderness areas. Half-elves can move up to one-half the normal speed at no
penalty. At more than one-half and up to the character’s full speed, the character
suffers a -5 penalty to the check. Any faster movement is practically impossible
(-20 penalty).

SPOT HIDDEN DOORS (Wisdom): This ability allows half-elves to spot
secret, hidden and concealed doorways. A half-elf passing within 5 feet of a
secret, hidden or concealed doorway is entitled to a wisdom check. Success
means that the half-elf notices the door as if actively searching for it. When a
half-elf does actively search for such doorways, the bonus to the wisdom check
is +1.

ENHANCED SENSES: Half-elves of elven lineage can see farther than
humans in just about every circumstance, including torchlight, and can see
clearly enough to read a road sign or spot a shield device that is up to two miles
distant when outside during the day. They can also hear very well, and receive a
+2 bonus to all checks involving listening.

SPELL RESISTANCE (Wisdom): Half-elves of elven lineage are particularly
resistant to spells and spell-like abilities that charm or unnaturally cause sleep.
When making saving throws against these types of spells, a half-elf receives a
+4 bonus.


Recognition is Elswyth’s primary motivation and she works merely for recognition. She believes that she is altruistic, but those around her see her as self-centered. Her temperament is typically joyful. But she can be lazy, deceitful and manipulative. She is flighty and often rash, paranoid and narrow-minded, self absorbed, defensive and talkative. She’d like to be more
secretive, but cannot resist spinning tales of her past exploits. She is not mean-spirited nor depressing, but comes across as arrogant and unsympathetic. She is terribly dependent and requires constant reassurance from others, relying often on those around her for advice and support. She’s a leach.

Elswyth is an only child of perfectly loving parents. Her childhood seemed completely normal to her, but her mother, a milliner, is a bit neurotic, having openly regretted every decision ever made in her life. Her father was a cartographer. Elswyth, having a far better relationshiop with her father than her mother, learned cartography at a very young age and considers it a skill but not an occupation. It was her mother who wanted her to become a musician and learn poetry and at the time, Elswyth felt she was preparing herself for a stable life when she graduated from the conservatory (with honors). These days, however, she realizes that she never really learned what it is that she enjoys, and has spent her life trying to please others.She is on a personal quest to learn about the world, what it has to offer, and where she can find her bliss.

Elswyth Ahreddan

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