Various Items of Note


These are passages that link the world of Aihrde to the Inner world of Inzae and beyond. They are akin to staircases in towers that wind forever down into or up to the respective worlds. The steps are covered in countless, dwarven runes. In the Days before Days there was traffic between Inzae and Aihrde. And the Trottigens servants of the Dragon-God, and other dwarves took the Obsidian Book (see below this page) and not able to understand the scope of it began writing down the numberless characters. They carved the language upon the steps of the many winding passage ways that led between the worlds. Thus the language was written down for a second time, though no-one any longer knows where all the Rings of Brass are located, nor in which order they should read if they were located, nor again if they should read from the bottom up, or the top down.


This is the language which the All Father used to spin the magic of his being into the World of Aihrde. It is a powerful language, and being the greatest source of magic serves as the root for the magic tongue. Mastery of it is almost impossible for each letter of each word of the Language of Creation bears a multitude of magic, and pronunciation is the key to using the Language properly. Any deviation from the Language may cause it to go awry. The goddess of the inner world, Inzae, could not understand it when the All Father tried to teach it to her. He wrote it for her in the Obsidian Book. This book she carried to the Inner World with where it was lost or destroyed countless eons ago. The sentients learned it in the Days before Days, as did Frafnog. But it is unrecorded if these creatures ever created using the Language.
Few of the dwarves of old managed to comprehend it, and even when they did, it was a collective endeavor. Eventually the Greater Dwarves of Inzae wrote it down, scribing its magic upon the tubes they constructed between the worlds, the Rings of Brass, and later, in the Mammoth Scrolls. ‘Tis said that Nulak-Kiz-Din mastered some of the Language when he discovered The Paths of Umbra, and that Daladon used its power to bind the Unicorn to the Ephremere, Queen of Aachen. Aristobulus, too, understands some small bits of the Language.
Any spell, written or spoken, represents a small portion of the Language. “Nothing so much as a singular drop of water in the Amber Sea,” or so the Mage Patrice used to teach his students, in reference to their individual spells when compared to the overall Language. To master it, a nearly impossible task, would bring the wielder infinite power.


These are the spells of the Goblin Warlock Ondluche, the first Sorcerer. They were the first spells and they were taken from the very substance of the Language of Creation and are called the Ondluch-Eroan. There is a multitude of these very powerful spells. From them comes all the wizardry in the world of Aihrde. Any magic-user or illusionist spell, incantation or charm has its origins in the Ondluch-Eroan. Most have of course evolved and changed over time and hold little resemblance to their original design. Few magi even know who Ondluche is, nor would they care.
Some of his original spells still exist, bound in the Runestones or in recently revived magic of the Rune Marks. There are many of the Runes, the Winter Runes that allow travel between worlds, and the Blood Runes that allow travel through time and so on.


These are magical stones crafted by Ondluche and which contain the magic of some of his original sorcery. These were scattered throughout the world and few would know them if they found them. Knowledge of them was revived by Nulak-Kiz-Din during the Age of Men and he quested for many years to find them. In time his knowledge of them grew and he catalogued them into schools: the Paths of Umbra, Mark of Redlich, the Og-Aust and so forth. Though he did not find all of them, he did find and master the Paths of Umbra (the Winter Runes) and used them to summon Unklar the Horned One to the ruin of the world. The Runestones remain scattered throughout the world.


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