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The setting for the haunted highlands is the fantasy world of Aihrde (formerly Erde). Originally intended to follow the C&C Haunted Highlands series of published adventures, this campaign is now more open and not following any one particular published adventure series (although it will be borrowing from several)


The campaign for the highlands is evolving, and is currently centered on a group of unlikely heroes who are currently trying to find their place in Aihrde. The Winter Dark has only recently ended, and many of the lands around the continent are still very wild, evil, and dangerous.

Character Creation

You are free to choose any race and class you like. For character creation, use the following method:

  • Roll 4d6 and keep the best 3 scores.
  • Re-roll any 1’s or 2’s.
  • Assign the attributes in any order you wish, according to your character.
  • For hitpoints, take the max hit points possible (no need to roll).
  • For gold, take 2x max allowed gold for your character.
Secondary Skills

You may select one secondary skill from the Secondary Skills table.


You may select one background option from the Backgrounds table.


The campaign is currently located in and around the Kingdom of Maine. There is much to explore in the surrounding forests and mountains, and the party’s travels may take them far from this kingdom eventually.


There are several items of Lore that should be studied and understood. These bits of knowledge may serve a character well in the campaign tales to come.

Guilds and Organizations

There are several guilds operating in Aihrde. A subset of these guilds are of interest to our campaign.

Main Page

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